Statistical analysis

Yes! I tried the new poster style at a conference

my first-time experience of making a trending new-style poster

An interactive treemap of media franchise revenue by category

an interactive treemap using treemap and d3treeR

How difficult it is to get into the top universities in China

data visualization of the college entrace exam data in 2017

E-cigarette product characteristics

Young adults using mod (vs. pen-like) e-cigarette devices at baseline smoked **more than 6 times** as many cigarettes in the past 30 days at follow-up.

E-cig use among youth

This project is focused on studying e-cigarette Product Characteristics and Frequency of Smoking Among Young Adults. Previous research suggests that e-cigarette use is associated with cigarette initiation, including the frequency and heaviness of cigarette smoking. The goal of this research is to examine the impact of specific e-cigarette characteristics on cigarette smoking frequency. What we did is to use advanced counts model to model the association between the e-cigarette exposures and the outcome, the number of cigarette use in the past 30 days.

Regular Latin dancing and health education may improve cognition of late middle-aged and older Latinos

Disparities exist between Latinos and non-Latino Whites in cognitive function. Dance is culturally appropriate and challenges individuals physically and cognitively, yet the impact of regular dancing on cognitive function in older Latinos has not …

Colorectal cancer study

During my doctoral training, most of my research is focused on developing novel statistical methods for genomics data, specifically, cancer development and tumor growth. This project has enlighted me to work on several interesting perspectives of it, including hierarchical topics model, clustering, and interactive interface. Thanks to my advisors Kimberly Siegmund, and committe member Paul Marjoram and Darryl Shibata. Motivations Topic models have been widely applied to extract topics from various range of documents or collections of texts, i.