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A introduction to the family of R Markdown packages.

Happy Scientist Seminar for the Department of Preventive Medicine at USC

What is “the last mile” of analytics? It’s the final step that one needs to take to deliver the insights of data and communicate results with decision-makers. R has made it easy for us to wrangle data and build models. With the power of the R Markdown family packages, your analysis can be easily turned into high-quality reproducible documents including reports, presentations, posters, webpages, and dashboards. It requires less time and efforts to create and maintain code, data, output, text in one single document, which leaves you more time working on your code.

A introduction to the family of R Markdown packages.

An application of topic modeling in genomic data

Young adults using mod (vs. pen-like) e-cigarette devices at baseline smoked more than 6 times as many cigarettes in the past 30 days at follow-up.

An introduction on how to apply topic modeling on somatic mutations

a gentle introduction on how to fit a simple Bayesian model, visualize and summarize the output using R2jags.

A tutorial talk on how to make xaringan slides in R

A talk on what I’ve learned from going to the RStudio conference 2019

An example talk on developing good pratices in R


An example talk using Academic’s Markdown slides feature.