SoCal All Hands useR Meeting Twitter Blog

SoCal All Hands useR Meeting Twitter Blog

Please check out all the slides here.

Workshops by Malcolm Barrett and Emil Hvitfeldt
“Software Engineering with Shiny” by Alan Dipert

“Artificial Intelligence & Analytical Innovation” by Qinghua Song
“Staying clean and DRY - best practices for code reuse and collaboration” by Peter Foley
“Exploring communities with ‘vegan’ - an introduction to community analysis” by An Bui

“The Linear Algebra Behind Machine Learning: Under the Hood with Regression Analysis” by Steven Slezak
“Macgyvering with R: Creating a Work Schedule” by Wendy Christensen
“Condition System in R” by John Peach
“R for better science in less time” by Julia Stewart Lowndes

Future events by the Orange County R Users Group
Happy memories posted by RLadies SoCal

Zhi Yang
PhD in Biostatistics


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