iMutSig - a web application to identify the most similar mutational signature using shiny

There are two frameworks for characterizing mutational signatures which are commonly used to describe the nucleotide patterns that arise from mutational processes. Estimated mutational signatures from fitting these two methods in human cancer can be …

E-cigarette Product Characteristics and Subsequent Frequency of Cigarette Smoking

There is a dearth of evidence regarding the association of use of electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes) with certain product characteristics and adolescent and young adult risk of unhealthy tobacco use patterns (eg, frequency of combustible cigarette …

Mutational signatures in colon cancer

Recently, many tumor sequencing studies have inferred and reported on mutational signatures, short nucleotide patterns at which particular somatic base substitutions appear more often. A number of signatures reflect biological processes in the …

SoCal All Hands useR Meeting Twitter Blog

an entire day of R fun with R Users Groups and R-Ladies

How to Promote Yourself in Today’s Data Science Job Market

A introduction to the family of R Markdown packages.

How R Markdown helped me thrive in scientific research and advance my career development?

Happy Scientist Seminar for the Department of Preventive Medicine at USC

Yes! I tried the new poster style at a conference

my first-time experience of making a trending new-style poster

How R Markdown family automates the last mile of analytics

What is "the last mile" of analytics? It's the final step that one needs to take to deliver the insights of data and communicate results with decision-makers. R has made it easy for us to wrangle data and build models. With the power of the R …

Bioconductor R package

Mutational signature app